Individuelles Training für Hund und Halter

Welcome to the Dog Training for Dog Personalities!

Dipl.-Biol. Dr. Anja C. Schunke

Every dog (and every owner of course) has his/her unique combination of interests and abilities, strengths and weaknesses, speed of learning and temperament. It has always fascinated me to discover and to encourage exactly this individual personality in order to make dogs good everyday companions and family members.

In my training everything is centered on precise observation, clear communication and of course very much positive reinforcement. We're looking for each dog-owner-team for their own, particular way towards a well working and for both team members pleasant relationship. However, there will be no pressure to perform, but rather numerous successes - and dog training should be fun, too!

Individual training will as a rule take place at your home or in your walking areas respectively, depending on the training topics. This kind of training is the best way to attend intensely and undisturbed to particular problems, e.g. trouble with staying alone, anxiety or aggression on the leash. Moreover, it's a very effective opportunity for dog owners with a tight time budget to work on their dog's general behaviour or simply get ideas for a nicer and more exciting cooperation, custom-made and individually for each dog-owner-team. You can get a special coaching e.g. for body language or timing for rewards and also the opportunity to make the move-in of a puppy or an adult dog as smooth and positive as possible, so problems don't even arise in the first place.

In addition to true individual training you can share lessons with neighbours, relatives, or acquaintances from the dog park.

Very much of what I know today about dogs and their behaviour I learned from dogs in the animal shelter of Bonn and I want to support people who give a chance to dogs from animal welfare. Thus, I offer a discount for these dogs with adoption papers, particularly in the first year after adoption (the earlier you look for tips and ideas, the smaller are the problems later...).

For the first appointment I have an inclusive price of 30,- € per dog (plus travel expenses from Plön or Wentorf bei Hamburg respectively), independent of the length of the talk. During this meeting, which ideally takes place in the dog's home (in individual cases another place is of course possible), I will ask a lot of questions concerning the everyday life of the dog and potential problems and possibly have a look at some interactions of dog and owner. Maybe I will already recommend some preliminary practice or management measures, but the proper training will start on the second appointment.


standard price

animal welfare dogs with certificate

first appointment

30,- without time limit

20,-* / 25,-without time limit

single lesson (60 min)

60,- per hour

50,-* / 55,- per hour

from the  4th single lesson**

50,- per hour

40,-* / 45,- per hour

from the 11th single lesson**

40,- per hour

30,-* / 35,- per hour

self organized small group

30,- per hour and dog

20,-* / 25,- per hour and dog

Travel expenses: City area of Plön (including Malente, Eutin, Bosau, Ascheberg, Preetz, Rantzau) and Wentorf (including Kröppelshagen-Fahrendorf, Escheburg, Hamburg-Curslack, -Bergedorf, -Allermöhe, -Lohbrügge, Reinbek, Wohltorf, Aumühle): no travel expenses, outside of Plön or Wentorf: 0,50 per single kilometre

* in the first year after adoption

** for at least one lesson per month